About Patty Does Recipes:

Have you seen me cook delicious and healthy meals on Instagram stories but are disappointed about me not posting the actual recipe? I knowwwwwww!

My Instagram page started as a platform for me to showcase the Keto Mexican Recipes I had in mind to show you. But for personal reasons, I stopped the KMR project but kept cooking my meals on stories. That's why I hardly ever post on the main timeline. Most of my daily meals are NOT Mexican so I had a conundrum. I have been struggling since then with my account. So I kept cooking on stories but I decided not to write the recipe because I honestly didn't have time for that. It would be time wasted because I would have to invest time measuring, writing, explaining, posting and I would not get paid for it. It's all free content and I cannot invest so much time and get nothing in return.

So I decided to make it work for you and me. I will do all the work and all you have to do is subscribe to this site. $7 a month will get you at least 2 recipes a week, video included, access to a private Instagram account I created exclusively for this site's paid members where I will share my day-to-day struggles and tips. I will be answering all your questions and I will follow you back. The idea is to create our own community, if you support me then I will be here for you!

What you get:

  • At least 2 written recipes a week with video included
  • Tutorials about tracking and food prep
  • Access to exclusive Instagram account
  • Exclusive discount on future digital products and programs
  • Early access to Keto Mexican Recipes YouTube videos
  • Exclusive discount on private consultations

Non-Diet Section

Please be aware that on this page I will also share traditional recipes once in a while so just know that on this page you will get ALL my cooking secrets! Did somebody say FISH TACOS?!